Speaking / Presentations

Community Presentations

Presentations of 45 to 90 minutes are available to community organizations, school associations, school faculty & staff, religious congregations or groups, youth groups, professional organizations, parent and family groups, etc.

Groups may choose a topic from the list below, or may request a topic tailored to their group’s interests.

Presentations should be scheduled at least two months in advance of the event; more time may be needed to prepare for special requests.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact me.

Skills for Life

Communication Styles & Skills (60-90 minutes)

This presentation explores communication–its purpose, the means by which it occurs, and its 4 basic styles. Audience participants will be helped to identify their own “default” style, assess its effectiveness, and practice reframing less-effective messages into more-effective ones.

Identifying and Managing Stress (60-90 minutes)

This presentation defines stress, and explains its benefits and drawbacks; shows how to identify one’s own signs of early, middle, and late-stage distress; and offers suggestions for coping with and managing stressors.

Take Care of Yourself (45-90 minutes)

This presentation offers: 10 (or more!) good reasons to take good care of yourself; perspective on achieving a balance between self-neglect and self-indulgence; suggestions for self-nurturing practices. The 90-minute version includes an experience of guided imagery, breath and muscle techniques that may be used for calming or relaxation.

Living with Giftedness

Gifted 24/7: We’re Not Weird, We’re Gifted!  (45-60 minutes)

This presentation for parents and/or educators addresses the question “What does it mean to be ‘gifted’?” and how does this trait affect everyday life? Some exploration of the experiences and expressions of giftedness help explain some of the more puzzling feelings and behaviors that can show up, especially in gifted children.

Gifted? ADHD? or Both? (60-90 minutes)

This interactive presentation is geared toward parents, adults, teens, educators, ADHD support groups, as well as general audiences. It addresses overlapping traits or “symptoms” of giftedness and ADHD, as well as the importance of distinguishing between the two.